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CLARK, Pampanga — Workers in various industries in this Freeport have reached over a hundred thousand in the first two months of the year, posting an all time high since the inception of Clark Development Corporation (CDC) in 1993.

Based on the report submitted by the Corporate Social Responsibility and Placement Division of the External Affairs Department headed by assistant vice president Rommel C. Narciso, to the CDC Management Committee, employment record in this freeport has breached the 100,000 mark and has reached 101,086 in the month of February 2017, from 93,467 at the end of 2016.
The additional recorded increase of 7,619 in the last two months of the year are being employed by 887 locators, along with some government agencies operating inside this Freeport.
The CDC Management Committee headed by president Noel F. Manankil said the increase reflects a continuing sound business climate which prompted big companies to continue their expansion programs.

The bulk of workers came from the various industrial companies, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) firms, development, tourism and services.

Industrial firms registered workers with 47,076 or about 46.57 percent of the total workers in Clark, followed by those employed in ICT with 19,951 or 19.74 percent; developer firms recorded 14,124 workers or 13.97 percent while tourism logged 6,675 or 6.60 percent and services recorded 5,561 or 5.50 percent.

Japanese manufacturer of LCD panels, Nanox Philippines, Inc. is the top employer here with 8,741 workers.

Business process outsourcing firms Sutherland Global Services Philippines, Inc. and IQOR Philippines, Inc. posted 6,778 and 4,697 workers and at second and third largest employers, respectively.
Apparel manufacturing company Luen Thai International Philippines, Inc. is the top four employer with 4,538 workers while the top five employer is Yokohama Tire Philippines, Inc., a company that employs 3,181 workers.

Other top employers include SMK Electronics Phils. Corporation, Coronation Premium Manufacturing, Global Gateway Clark and Phoenix Semiconductor Phils., Corp. (PNA)

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