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Myryll G. Samson, New Kalalake High School

My fellow Filipinos, our country is facing so much challenges. Powerful and inevitable forces that we need to combat…needless for us to enumerate or to argue about, we opted for changes and we hope for favorable results. We often use the word “freedom” we want freedom from constraint but we need to be free to take actions and let our voices be heard. We all have our part to complete and consolidate changes in our society. We are the servant of Social change…NOT IT ‘S MASTER!

Our individual freedom of expressions comprehended by everyone all throughout the entire nations of the world is a great advantage to the social whole. Appropriate use of Standard English is a sign of society in progress or in decline. You need to agree that the English language is a reflection of today’s culture, as language adapts to the current times, a form of linguistic evolution. Opinions, perceptions- no matter what you, them…or I may say; the world is changing and we need to cope with it fast. With the computer age, geographic barriers, and all these fast changing and developing technology; English enables the generation to communicate with the international world. We need to step forward with globalization without losing interest with communicating with the world.

To be able for us to provide resolutions for all the dilemmas and cope with the fast changing world and become more competitive aiming for progress, we must strengthen our youth. Start with quality education. English language, if used appropriately with the right purpose can be the key that opens the gate of progress, it is an instrument for new professions to accommodate innovative and productive manpower – a source of energy that connects our youth toward globalization. We are in great need of making our workforce respond with the demands of the world. Train the nation’s manpower and enhance their communication skills, develop what they have to fulfil and respond effectively to the changing needs, conditions, and real life situations. With this, become globally competitive. We can provide a long term acquisition of knowledge and skills vital to personal development and learning experiences applicable to the demands of the society which shall promise educational growth for improving the quality of life.

For many years, English has been the common world-wide-language and still will be in the future. If we want to follow trends, technology, and modernization of a developing nation; Standard English language is a tool. Let everyone hear the voices of a true Filipino through English language and with a heart filled with love of our country.

It has been said that the best educated people are the most ready, willing to take actions, equipped with the language which became our edge among others, Standard English language. We had started with it a long time ago… streghten it… LEAD WITH IT!

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