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by Myryll G. Samson,
New Kalalake High School

I am a teacher and I wear a thousand masks.

A teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way and open up to young minds showing the wonders of the intellect. A teacher molds the youth and fulfils their potentials, cares in the prime, encourages, scouts for a talent, gives good advice, sets the students on the right track. Indeed a mentor, a parent, a friend, a “super hero” rolled into one. I was given a choice and I chose to be extraordinary… we offer not only our hands but our own lives…the teaching force I call it…The Justice League!

I am a teacher and I am human.

“With that great ability lies great responsibility.” The task the world has given me is to become professionally competent, physically, mentally, and morally fit committed to its full realization. It is my responsibility to give enthusiasm and pride to imbue academic freedom, facilitate learning and development of the youth. It is my obligations to improve efficiency, enhance the prestige of the profession. I need to battle with the expectations of becoming productive that shall strengthen my competence for social, educational, economic and civic betterment…these are all clear… but unlike super heroes, teachers are human. Gushed with different emotions, I can be happy or sad, I can be exasperated, irritated, provoked, and resentful, I can even commit mistakes because I am not that perfect. At times I can be helpless and tired, and just like my students…I deserve to be “PROTECTED”.

I am a teacher and I teach with my heart.

I am a teacher because I want to develop future citizens who are law abiding and are responsible. I am a teacher because I want to make sure that my children shall live contented and safe. I am a teacher because I care for every child the way I care for my own child.

I am the Filipino teacher of today, I impart knowledge and teach about LIFE.

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